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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 9, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> the and breaking news for amber alert activated in the past hour for an east bay woman and 3 children after the father of the kids found shot to death at his house. this is the mother miss or tests. 12-year-old son hugo, 6-year-old daughter mary and 2-year-old jen also missing. good evening everybody. dan has the night off. unidentified father of 3 children found shot to death in
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san pablo this morning. once again a picture of the mother 35-year-old miss or tests didn't live with the kid. police are not calling her a suspect. they do believe locating her is critical to resolving the case. she's not married to the children's father. here are the children once again. hugo 12, mary 6 and third child jen who is only two years old. their father found with fatal gunshot wound in front of his house at 16 and bush streets. neighbors call police as soon as they discovered his body. >> we obviously have a homicide. don't know why this individual was murdered. that there were supposed to be children at the house that aren't there. that the mother is gochbility obviously somewhat sues pir us. we haven't said she's a suspect in the case. she's obviously someone we need to locate. and mack sure she's okay. make sure the children are okay. >>reporter: and anybody with information about the woman and the kid are urged to call mrichlts reporting continues on
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twitter and follow us on this site. lots more on 7 news at 11:00 over open channel 7. >> more breaking news in oakland where police on the scene of shooting that left young child wounded. sky 7 hd was of the investigation. police tell us 7 news the child was grazed in the foot. victim believed to be as young as three years old. see an ac transit bus at the scene there. police think it was hit by gunfire no. other reports of injuries. gunfire reported on international boulevard near 65 avenue around 5:30 in the evening. >> this just parent worst nightmare. family utah visiting fisherman wharf on friday when the 2-year-old son died the result of freak accident. also boy case on shelton was crushed when a large bronze statue toppled as he was playing open it. if lee ann with more. >> the accident happened out on the sidewalk in the middle of san francisco's business
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yebingt tourist area. >> young child 1 or 2-year-old boy had a dolphins statue fall on him. he suffered some injuries. he's transported to san francisco general hospital where he later died from his injuries. >>reporter: the 6 fat statue with 3 dolphins now in the evidence room at police headquarters. similar to this one found at the collection art gallery at fisherman wharf. police say the the boy was playing on the statue just outside the store when it fell on him. at first the paramedic thought his injuries were mino minor. but after taking him to san francisco general they realize that he had suffered internal injuries. he died 4 hours later. spokesperson for the shelton family in utah says friends family are remembering the things he loved most. like pwlaevrngt. >> do i believe there's a even an effort to show that love he had and i know there's various donations occurring with blanket to various charity and what not but that was just kind
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of a fun memory that he loved pwlaevrngt. >> family four has a page on this site asking for money to cover funeral expenses. immediately following the accident the store was cited for having the statue on display beyond this blue line. the port authority owns that section of the sidewalk. >> it designates what port authority property is. where it begins. so this guy who own this is building this all these buildings he owns right up to that blue line. >> this specific business as well was warned last year during the america cup that the do feel was beyond the blue line and officers had addressed it at that time. due to the largely crowd that were coming here. >>reporter: yesterday police were out enforcing the code. parents and the 6-year-old sister have are turned utah. in san francisco, the abc 7 news. fight so sad. majestic collection issued a statement saying thinks unfortunate and
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tragic sdichbility tm they have been cooperate with all investigative agencies our hearts and prayers are with the family. we have a link at our web site where you can donate to the parents. goal is 10,000 dollars and funds already over 7000. >> tuchl c berkeley student missing after on a hike in el dorado county. 23-year-old vernon codyy matthews told his family last friday he was going open a hike. they reported him missing on saturday morning. 23-year-old was staying at his family vacation home at the ice house reservoir about 30 miles northeast of placerville. he decided to take a hike through el dorado national forest. >> he wasn't dressed for more than a day hike. he has a pack ready to go pick up about and gone for daisy. >> at 9:30 he didn't pick up the phone. >> with than of the area he knows if he's lost basically either follow the river down and get into town or stay put knowing we are going to come
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and find him. >> crew searched for matthews using horses and helicopters vl his parents say he has some wilderness survival skills so they are hopeful he is okay. well the witness statement could not be more conflicting and today oakland mayor guan kwan made her own comments on car crash that took place in a west oakland intersection. people would climate to have seen the accident can't seem to agree on whether kwan was using her cell phone or if she and the other driver ran a red light. which one of them did what. kwan adamant that neither of her 2 cell phone was in her hand at the time of the collision. at market and 26. abc 7 news reporter laura has new details. >> tell wasn't in my hand for sure. >>reporter: one day after collision in west oakland intersection mayor kwan seen here in the green dress insist she was not using her cell phone. she is not sure if she ran a red light. >> the i do not believe so but we are going to let the police investigation confirm or not
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confirm that. >> the accident happened just after 5:30 sunday when the rear of kwan city owned lexus suv was struck by a nissan at 26 and market. police say initially said kwan had the green light. >> the light was green. >>reporter: but the driver of the nissan told 7 news kwan ran a red light. and though her story wavered shells told reporters the mayor was on her cell phone at the time of the accident. >> i don't think she was text i wouldn't say. that maybe talking on the phone t.yes talking on the phone. >> the i was sitting in my car at the store on the corner. >>reporter: but shawn told us the traffic light was yellow when the mayor entered the intersection and she was not on her phone. vasquez safety patrol for the city of oakland who says he was off duty and interthe intersection when the accident happened. the not told his story to police. >> she drove right past us. she uses was driving and just barack obama like that from her side. she was going through yellow light. >>reporter: if she ran the
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light this would be the second time in just over a year for mayor kwan. in april 2013 kwan was cited in 43 mont. she says on her way to a mayor he vichbility i think that was a rolling stop sign violation fremont. >>reporter: earlier this month kwan admitted using her phone while driving after passerby snapped some cell phone pictures. now kwan spokesman told reporters an effort is being made to get the busy mayor a driver. >> we are going to try to find a way to move staff around and volunteer around to make sure she gets a driver. >>reporter: neither driver cite entered sunday accident while police complete their investigation. in oakland, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> the turning to the weather now second day of triple digit in many parts of the bay area today. just sweltering. spare the air day for all of us. spencer live now with live doppler 7hd and today temple 100 in so many areas. >> i know. all over the place. you are right. triple digit
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around the bay area. fog near the coast lean but not a whole but we are feeling the cooling influence nonetheless. 24 hour temperature change showing that virtually all locations are cooler now than at this hour last night. as a matter of fact 11 degrees cooler in nap a.santa rosa is 6 degrees cooler in oakland. 9 degrees cooler in concord but lots of heat today. trim digit all over the place. high of 105 at livermore tie the record high for this date in livermore set back in 1918 and new record high up in ukiah 103 and those places that didn't hit triple digit in the mid upper 90's so lots of heat to go around. this is why we cool down right now. time lapse view of fog moving through the golden gate from the sutro tower cam are and brought the cooling influence already to coastal area and around the bay and tomorrow we see even inland location cooling down a bit larry. >> i'll take it. we'll all take it. thank you spencer. >> today the second spare the air day in a redo to the high pressure and low wind. air district officials predicted
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high level of air pollution and smog throughout the bay area today with unhealthy levels of ozone pollution motor vehicle exhaust. officials say the best way to cut the smog obviously is do less driving and they encourage commute investigators do their part. >> we are asking people to take transit. to tell commute. car pool just not to drive alone to work. transportation is the major source of summertime air pollution. other things you can do are not mow the lawn. not use paint. even not use consumer product like aerosol spray. aerosol deodorant. >> this happens to be the fifth spare the air day just since may last year only 6 all summer. calls for water cops vegas during california epic drought not being heard by everyone tonight. in fact one bay area community is actually using more water not less. 7 news the the reporter with the
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story. >> valley nursery taking home 2 new addition to drought tolerant garden doing her part to save water. >> i collected my rain water so still using that to water my plant. >>reporter: liz said the california native plant section all to herself. nursery owner say sales of the drought tolerant plants could be better. >> they are up but not like they are through the roof. >>reporter: but shrub and plant that need lots of water to get established still very popular here. take a drive around some san jose neighborhood and many brown lawns. people are saving water but keep looking. you mit see just the opposite. san jose loves its water but conservation efforts are failing. water use is actually increasing here despite desperate plea. remember this from the governor last january. >> we are facing the perhaps the worst drought that california has ever seen. >>reporter: he called on californians to conserve water by 20 percent. so why aren't more people in the south bay listening? >> cops vegas is into the
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switch to turn on and off. >>reporter: water company says the message has been slow to reach customers so these water conservation tips are being sent with each bill. >> certainly hoping summer month come and people get more information on what they can do to conserve the. >>reporter: san jose water use up 3 to 4 percent compared to last year. elsewhere conservation effort are better but not impressive. east bay mud reports 11 percent water cons vision exploratorium 8%. the utility reevaluating method to get people to save water but sap jose will simply relay on people to dot writ thing during the drought. >> any people ty for people who don't heed the call for conservation. >> we don't have a mechanism in place now for fines or enforcements. >> this is abc 7 news. >> more ahead on 7 news at 9:00 coming up former college basketball player takes the ncaa to court in oakland. might it spell the end of am take your athletic as we know
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it. >> target of china town corruption scandal now wants out of jail. tonight new campaign to free shrimp boy. >> why cal-trans says it has to reduce the caldecott tunnel reduce the caldecott tunnel down to ♪ ♪ reduce the caldecott tunnel down to thank you!
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mainly implication for college sports got upped way in oakland today. former ucla basketball star took the stand challenging the rules that prevent college athlete from cashing in like the ncaa and schools do when the image used in video games and television broadcast. tiffany wilson has our story from oakland. >> i was recruited to play basketball. >>reporter: during his day if you saw no. 31 in a uniform you knew it was ed. he didn't expect to see a player with that jersey and his likeness in a video game. especially when the company made money off the product and he didn't get a cent. current ncaa rules limit college athlete compensation to tuition room board book and l fee. he claims college athlete deserve to get paid when the name image and likeness are used in video games marketing campaigns and on tv. >> when the pie that is brought in is huge i think it's big
9:17 pm
enough for everyone to share a piece in that pie. >>reporter: after years of contentious exchange the team teams of lawyer start the trial in a district courtroom today. 0ban a is represented and contends the college sports industry is a big business. >> everyone in the enterprise is a professional getting paid but the athlete upon whose perform's basically you all drive the revenue. >>reporter: industry insider following the trial closely say resolution may years away. >> ultimately no matter what happens at the end of this 15 day trial there is very likely going to be appeals by both parties. by either party. >>reporter: ncaa will present the argument in the coming da days. today, they left the court without comment. also at that time ncaa agreeed to pay 20 million dollars to group of former players after unauthorized use of their likeness in video game by bay
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area game maker electronic art after ea agreed to pay 40 million dollars in similar settlement last week n.oakland, tiffany will so that, abc 7 news l. >> the tunnel will be reverting back down to 2 or 3 bore over the next couple week. brace yourselves east bay commuters. cal-trans plans to do some work that will force them to close bore 1 and 2 the east bond tunnel possibly the same time but only at night. work will begin at 10:00 p.m. tonight. it involves realining the approach to bore no. 2 and replacing median barrier there. caldecott fourth bore open with great fan fare last year. cal-trans said it saved to 15 ment of travel for drivers headed in the off peak direction i can speck to the to the effectiveness and greatness of the new bore. never one to bore spencer here with the weather and relief is on the way from these blistering tichlts hard to believe things track rapidly.
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triple dinl to it 20 degree drop in some polices tomorrow. so we are cooling down. here's live doppler 7hd 20 degree hard to say. here's live doppler 7hd we have few little patches of fog along the cost line but is that the dense as earlier. nonetheless we are feeling its cooling influence. live view from the sutro tower cam are out over san francisco and 59 degrees right now in san francisco. 62 oakland. san carlos. 68. 70 in san jose. morgan hill 69 and 55 half man basement golden gate bridge 6:00 o'clock newscast had lots of fog and now not much fog to be scene at -- seen at all. traffic flowing well. 63 in santa rosa and napa. novato 66. 78 fairfield and 79 at concord and livermore so prett pretty, still pretty warm in the inland east bay and we look at coyote tower from the exploratorium camera we look a little bit of haze in the background. not much fog at the moment however it won't be foggy near the coast and bay tonight overnight. cooling
9:20 pm
spreads inland tomorrow. good news it will be a little bit warmer again bit end of the week but not triple digit level of warmth. we see a weak low pressure system moving in our direction bit is producing a stronger sea breeze that's why we have temperatures dropping now and much cooler air moving our way. follow the forecast animation overnight and fog beginning to increase along the coast line and spreading locally across the coast lean moving inland a little bit. overnight low generally mid upper 50's mild overnight and cooler at the coast. resume the forecast animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. daytime hours fog developed overnight pull back a little bit. sunny sky mainly from the coast to inland but some coastal location will see some fog. it's 5 to at any degrees cooler most areas tomorrow than today was. so let's take a loweser look in the south bay. high in the low mid 80's tomorrow. 83 at san jose on the peninsula mid 70's to right around 80 redwood city loss at
9:21 pm
ocean on the coast some fog and high pressure in the low 60's tomorrow. not terribly cool at the coast but much much cooler in our inland area. downtown san francisco high of 66 degrees to. north bay high in the low to mid 80's. 85 at santa rosa. east bay high mainly mid 70's upper 70's at union city fremont and inland east bay where today we had triple digit. tomorrow upper dwroys around 90. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. cooling continues. thursday the coolest day in the forecast period and by friday and then through the weekend temperatures at about the seasonal average mid 80's inland mid upper 70's around the bay. pleasant week ahead. no more triple digit for awhile. >> we hear about the micro climate and 100 east bay inland 40 degree swing. >> exactly. we see that in the midsummer days but it's happening earlier right now than it normally does. 40 degree swing between the coast and hottest inland location. >> remarkable. not many places in the country face that.
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>> now to chile where man recovering after a truly horrifying moment in a runawayon be seen getting into the elevator writ away it malfunction. begins to rise before the doors have even closed. el have itor starts soaring upward first floor to the 31 floor at 50 miles an hour. he was pushing the button trying do anything he can to get it to stop. it did. 15 seconds later when it crashed into the roof. of he
9:26 pm
suffered serious injuries but is ultimately expected to be okay. that elevator mishap took place in chile but eight hours north in the city of quinn base jumper risked his life to perform a stunt over the bridge hear. sebastian jumped from moving truck over the bridge then open the chute and landed safely 300 feat below. alvarez jumped 400 times. this was the first leap from a moving vehicle. he barely made it over that rail. had only seconds to open the parachute but it worked out for him. >> another half hour of abc 7 news at 9:00 moments away. just ahead. apple stock. 600 dollars a share last week. now selling for less than 100. tonight the impact of a dramatic stock split. >> also abc news averaging diane sawyer for exclusive interview with hilary clinton. >> few seconds short of triple crown california chrome back in california tonight. how the owner started the day by eating
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>> we begin this half hour with update on bricking news. we told you about at the beginning of the newscast. amber alert was activated for woman and 3 kids. after the father of those children was found shot to death at his san pablo house. this is the mother. chp is now calling her a suspect in this case. she's 35-year-old hispanic female. 5 feet 5 inches tall. 160 pound pounds. black hair brown eyes. here are the 3 children. they are 12-year-old hugo, 6-year-old mary and 3-year-old jen. if you have any
9:31 pm
information you are ushlinged to contact san pablo police. >> business news now. owners of apple stock suddenly have a lieutenant more shares today. cupertino base company rolled out the first stock split in nine years. made apple stock a lot more affordable. shea of apple closed at 9370 today due to 7 for 1 split may clear the which for apple to now join the dow. 7 news reporter jonathan with more? >> if you can afford an i-phone now you can afford to own a little slice of the company that makes them. once praise at over 700 dollars apple shares have split putting them back in reach for the average investor. move by cook that predecessor steve jobs had shied away from. >> steve jobs avoided stock manipulation pretty heavily. he wanted mature investors. he didn't he wanted all the folk to us go on to apple product. >>reporter: tech analyst says cook appears more concerned with the stock which could make it rise in the short-term but be careful. >> remember when we have mark
9:32 pm
at hp who exhibited the same behavior focus heavily on increasing the stock price and behind the scenes he gutted the company. >>reporter: stop tank for 3 years state before finally recovering but could be another reason cook split the stock with chiefer share put apple more in live to become part of the doyj industrial afternoon. >> what apple is added to the dow is whole slew of index related product would have to own amy. >>reporter: like mutual fund you might already own says investment manager without doing anything. go from owning apple phone to apple stock. >>reporter: that raise as point like feel fall in love with the i-phone investors get attached to the apple stock and that attach the could be dangerous at time like this. >> you can love friend and family don't love stock. they don't love you. both experts said the stock could quit living in you more quickly than ever. >> the share lower we shouldn't see more volatility coming forward but more people can
9:33 pm
afford to buy share. >>reporter: if things turn south don't be afraid to get out. in san francisco, john ton bloom 7 news. >> we have 5 about the apple stock split posted on our web site if listed here. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton opening up during an exclusive one-on-one interview with diane sawyer. clinton says she expects to make aing decision by the end of the year on whether to run for president in 2016. first she says she wants to travel make appearances for her new book and help democrat in the midterm elections. sense leaving the white house hilary and bill clinton have made millions of dollars and she's not apologizing. >> we came out of the white house not only dead broke but in debt. i thought making speeches for money was a much better thing than getting connected with any one group or company as so many people who leave public life do. >>reporter: mrs. clinton talk about the controversials arduous
9:34 pm
recovery following saturday traffic accident that left him badly injured and killed one of his friends. morgan remains in critical condition following surgery today on broken leg. former 30 rock star suffered multiple broken bones when big rig crashed into the limo bus that he was riding in on new jersey turnpike. morgan close friend james mcnair was killed and 3 others injured. the driver of the big rig kevin roper has been charged with vehicular homicide and assault by auto. authorities say he had not slept for more than 24 hours before that crash. >> now to the brazen attack that took place in las vegas over the weekend. 2 shooters husband and wife opening fire targeting police. earlier this year they were kicked off a ranch in rural nevada where anti-government people squared off against federal agents and early this year. couple spent few day here but asked to leave because the view were just too
9:35 pm
radical. ryan has the story. >> faces of hate. jared and amanda miller. he was 31. she just 22. tonight police say they were heavily armed and hell bent on murdering police. >> we belief they equate government and law enforcement facism. >>reporter: 11:22 sunday morning they entered the pizza restaurant and ambush 2 police officers as they ate lunch. they killed both men. draping their body with a don't tread on me flag about pinning swastika and refuse logs has begun note. they took their gun and ran to the wal-mart. 5 minutes later at 11:27 armed civilian confronted them. amanda miller shot and killed them. then as police moved in the couple carried out a suicide pack. some of the couple closest friends here in las vegas say they actually talked about killing cops all the time. but no one bothered
9:36 pm
to call police. in april the miller john walker lindh the standoff against federal agents at bundy cattle ranch. here's jared talking to nbc fill why the krnv. >> i feel sorry for any federal agent that want to come in here and try to push us around. >>reporter: the son says the couple was asked to leave because jared miller was quote very radical. hears jared miller final facebook post. if the dawn of new day. may all our coming sacrifices be worth it. the real sacrifice p-3 innocent people murdered. joseph wilcox, and police officers allen beck and egor sold both husbands and fathers. abc news, las vegas. >> back in the bay area lawyers for raymond shrimp boy ciao said they are asking a judge to let him out of jail. he was one of the targets of fbi corruption investigation in which state senator yee was arrested in march. chow
9:37 pm
lawyers filed a motion of the 20 people indicted in the case 14 relessed on bail but not chow. they admit that chow spent 2 decades in the china town gng and went to prison several times but they can contend he put his past hand him. bail hearing scheduled for wednesday morning in san francisco federal court. >> president obama expand programmed today a ended easing the burden of student loan deb debt. borrowers joined the president at the white house he signed a presidential memorandum expands the program that allow borrowers to pay no more than 10% of the income every month. move could help with add fall 5 million borrow other lower the monthly paymen payment. >> we are here today because we believe that in america no hard working young person should be priced out of a higher education. the country always made a commitment to put good education within the reach of young people in the work force. >> president also urge the senate to postscript a bill this week that would letboroer
9:38 pm
refinance student loan with the cost made up by closing tax loop hole. >> after coming up few stride short of winning the triple crown california chrome back home tonight. next how the owner started the day owner started the day
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>> burning manifest have lit up the desert last weaned for the arab shephard tending the flock must have looked like alied just come l down from outer space. some 3000 people were in attendance. some in costum costume. some wearing nothing at all. they all watched and burned giant wooden sculpture at night. mostly israeli crowd camped out for 5 days at the end participant were told to remove their own trash and leave the desert without a trace. >> all right. now to one of the moments everybody talking about this weaned. millions of
9:42 pm
americans watching california chrome lose in his chance at the triple crown on saturday then saw one of the co-owners erupt on live television. he ranted about the winner. snapped at his wife a little bit trying to pull him become. to calm did you know. ryan smith has the big apology today. >> emotional from the owner of california chrome. >> i need to apologizing to the world and america i apologize. i sincerely apologize. >>reporter: speak to go robin roberts on good morning america steve with his wife carolyn by his side regretting his heated remark on live tv after his horse came up short for racing crown jewel the triple crown he slammed the winning short for running just the belmont stake. not the kentucky derby and preakness like california chrome. >> this is the coward which out. >> stevie know it's a tough loss hope to see him down the road. all right obviously. >>reporter: on sunday he tried
9:43 pm
to make a point that horses should have to run all 3 races using an example that dug himself even deeper hole. >> like me at 60 playing basketball with a kid in a wheelchair. >>reporter: today a contrite man. >> caught up. >> i i wanted so much for this horse to win the trim el crown for the people of america. >>reporter: he apologized to his wife too and she hopes california chrome legacy not her husband's mistake lives on. >> our story has given so much joy to so many people and i hope this 30 seconds is isn't going to destroy all of that. >>reporter: ryan smith abc news new york. >> up next at 9:00. hollywood surprise real life story of one surprise real life story of one girl that inspired the first ♪ ♪
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>> hollywood learned this weekend never underestimate the power of a good book. love story with no special effects turned in a blockbuster earning 48 million dollars. tom cruise alien attack just 29 million. abc john donovan tells us about a message that may live foreve forever. >>reporter: inspiration that sold out the theatre this weekend. girl in the movie. >> why are you staring at me. >> because you are beautiful. >>reporter: hazel who loved and laughed and lived with cancer. >> real story. >>reporter: came from john green best seller the fault in our stars. which had its open inspiration. someone named ester earl would was not hazel. because ester was real. she was a little girl in the 1990' 1990's. and then she grew and then she got sick with cancer. >> more shape to it. >>reporter: she met john green already a famous author app she was a fan. >> she was an amazing kid. astonishingly empathetic.
9:48 pm
really foyrngs he says it was that spirit in ester that inspired him to invent hazel and her insight. wonderful life. know it might not happe happen. washington do you say to that. the video made her a minor celebrity on line. >> not always amazing not always strong and not always brave. you should know that. >> john says the that tell short life can be a good life. meaningful life he's absolutely right. >> it was short. ester died almost 4 years ago at 16. never seeing what she inspired this. >> i fell in love with the way you fell asleep. >> a movie says her mom would have loved this kid. this young woman who didn't get to go past young. this is abc news washington. >> touching story. now from the world of science. evolution near biology to be specific. new study that suggest the shape of our face is the result of violence in
9:49 pm
our pre-historic ancestors. researchers at the university of utah believe that human face evolve to minimize the impact of injury from punches especially for male. apparently we were feisty back then. scientist studied human like primate who live between 6 and 1 million years ago. previous theories held that the evolution to the face had more to do with khawing food like nut that were difficult to crush. >> i would argue this is not the face that was the result of punching. more the result of make up. the spencer i believe would agree with that. the with powder. >> i like that. let's mav along. live live doppler 7hd few low cloud along the coast line but not very much but we have the cooling influence of this new pattern. on shore flow despite the presence of a lot of low clouds. tomorrow l
9:50 pm
state wide we see hot weather in the interior section of the state. lots of triple digit at fresno, khibing 0palm springs and bay area cooling trend will continue with high pressure only in the low 60's at the coast. 70's around the bay mainly upper dwroys near 90 inland. no more triple digit for awhile. accu-weather sov day forecast. coolest day in the forecast period thursday and high barely reach 80 in our inland location and then friday through monday we have a more seasonal range mid 80's inland upper 70's around the baylow 60's on the coast. no punches please. i will choo chew on the peanut if you have this it has been super hot here. a's and giants both super hot we bring in rick kwan. >> yes until tonight. we have gotten spoiled. playing so well this year but not tonight. >> coming up in sports. a's in anaheim trying to build their lead over the angels and giants 5 game winning streak in serious jeopardy. they did not have
9:51 pm
at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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>> coming up tonight 7 news at 11. we follow the breaking
9:54 pm
fuss that is the amber alert for the missing san pablo children. their father found dead. police believe their mother may have taken them. we will have late breaking details in the live report at 11:00. >> plus down to the final out perhaps. why local little league may enjoy the last season in the is sun how you can help the teams reach extra innings. join us for those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> rick is here with the baseball highlights. >> we look at a couple losses tonight. >> not so good for the home team. giants hottest team in baseball but they are having all kinds of problems tonight against washington. we take you out to the ballpark where this fan without a glove grabs the foul ball for a second then loses it to another fan. life is not fair. >> ryan struggled from the start in the first jason worth put them on top over the head. in the third with bases loaded. the single 2 more run score.
9:55 pm
gave up 9 hits and 5 earned run in 6 innings. steven did his part. striking out 7 in 7 innings of work. he drove in another run in the seventh but this hit over the head of brandon hick all washington now in the eighth. it's 9-1 national. >> baltimore and manny has apologized to the a's for his poor sports manship over the weekend. apong other things he nearly start add fight and threw his bat. he will likely be fined and suspended by the league. >> oakland open 3 game series in anaheim. a took the lead in the second. at the time bloop to left and the score. angels answer in the third. mike with the long fly ball to center. cocoa crisp make a leaping grab but so good for sac. fly. the score. in the fifth the connect off chavez. fan interferes with the ball so instead of a two run homer it's a ground ruled double. now in
9:56 pm
the eighth l.a. ladies 3-1. after needing over time to win the first 2 gyms of the stanley cup finals the kings king and quick made quick work of the rangers in game 3. change the venue to madison square garden didn't helpment rangers under a second left in the first period. carter and break the tie. that would be the only goal the kings would need as if second shot shut out of the post season. jake added some insurance on the second with the 6 goal of the play offs. kings pwlavrngt rangers 3 nothing. capture the cup on wednesday. >> after losing game 2 of the nba finals at home the spurs now stealing tce heat as the series moves to miami. unlike game 1 james showing no sign of cramp. he responded with game high 35 points 10 rae bound 14 points in the third. cut the spurs lead to 1 going into the final quarter. with under seven minutes left san antonio chance to take control but
9:57 pm
missed 4 straight free throw left the door open for the 2 time defending champ. chris seals the can deal finding wad wade. heat win and coach eric snows time to enjoy the victor victory. >> play offs are about. usually it's l a miserable existence. the whether at home or open the road. when you win it's not joy just relief. >> both teams believe they can win on each other floor. how we prepare for game 3 is only mind set how we come out for mental and physical standpoint and go from there. >> watch game 3 tomorrow night at 6:00 o'clock swing man andre will join larry in the studio for the post gym show. coach fisher fired. 5 year 25 million dollar deal. during the 18 year career fisher played for 6 teams including the golden state warrior.
9:58 pm
>> world cup kick off on wednesday. team usa arrived in brazil and got on the practice field. on monday americans open against ghana same team that eliminated usa from the last 2 world cup. chris can't wait for the game to begin. >> amazing. sink in. but l a lot of hard work but this is where the real fun is because the games are the ones that really mean something. i think we are really putting together a game plan but guys very excited right now. >> this sports report brought to you by toyota. >> team usa in a tough group. >> l eric says it's a miserable existence as a coach. derek fisher 5 years 25 million. >> not that miss rachbility could i do it for 25 million. >> tolerable i would think. >> all right rick thank you very much. report for tonight. i'm in for dan and for all of us rick, spencer everybody her
9:59 pm
at abc 7 news thanks for watching. news continues on line twitter facebook and mobile device with the new abc 7 news app great night see new an hour over on channel 7 at an hour over on channel 7 at 11:00 - look, 12:00.
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